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The only recipe my mother left me was the Chinese chive and pork dumpling. During Christmas of 2016, I demanded she teach me how to make them and insisted that she write it down. I make her dumplings often, to feel as if she were still alive.

I was never able to feel my mother’s presence again through replicating the taste of her dumplings, because I’ve come to accept that she did not write a recipe at all! There are two main components to making dumplings from scratch: the skin and the filling. A desirable, homemade dumpling is thin…

After decades of loyal service, a ceramic java container is profoundly disturbed by a recent demotion to loose coin holder. Text and image created by Real Weird Art and used with artist permission.

When conducting research on voice assistants and chatbots, some of the most frequently asked questions we received from clients and conference attendees focus on anthropomorphism. Namely, how should we handle anthropomorphism? For example:

  • Should we give the digital assistant a stilted, computer-generated sound or a human sound? Does it even matter? (Have a listen to example sounds here.)
  • Should the digital assistant take on an avatar, having basic visual suggestions of eyes, nose, and mouth?
  • So tell me, just how do you enculturate a bot? (This is my favorite question from a skeptical UX designer. …

Lin Nie

Research at Peloton, UX of AI | Ph.D. in experimental psychology, embodied cognition | I have a poor poker face

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